1. #1 Flake in North America

  2. to be honest, i was lying

  3. the last time before the next time

  4. pov: you are my phone and i am having the time of my life with the garageband beat sequencer

  5. almost named this album "untouched" in reference to not editing the cover photo and also having an unrequited crush on a stranger but then i remembered we're all social isolating right now and it's a little too on the nose even for me

  6. it's all good, i'm laughing

  7. adding up

  8. the back of my knee

  9. no problem

  10. and

  11. nosebleeds always

  12. major motion picture soundtrack

  13. back at it again

  14. more

  15. found on my computer while looking for space

  16. last weekend

  17. google search: what to do with your life when the world is ending

  18. protagonist dies in the beginning

  19. nonsense (distant ambient city noise)

  20. missing out

  21. bad at this

  22. songs for people who don't have enough time to be depressed

  23. don't x2

  24. nothing always walks away

  25. thanks for having me

  26. ball out forever

  27. sspplliitt E.P.

  28. now that i'm mine

  29. running out of things to say

  30. is this what u think of me? or r these my own thoughts that i am projecting onto u?

  31. could be worse

  32. underground

  33. untitled i, ii, & iii

  34. glitch

  35. fall becomes winter

  36. u have every right to exist

  37. before back then

  38. things to write in public

  39. this is home now

  40. really long titles

  41. welcome to the post-dadcore revolution

  42. invest in gold

  43. thanks for calling
    glamour hotline / thanks for coming

  44. u only have yr camera out when i cry

  45. fancy cookies

  46. i will never be

  47. break the clock

  48. don't run too fast

  49. brand new anxiety

  50. drakechel in: hotline bling

  51. i'll sleep when i want

  52. the aftermath of happiness

  53. dear desiree

  54. i just want to get high & die

  55. favorite songs//people

  56. well yr gone again

  57. dance bc yr sad

  58. the east river told me to drown

  59. i don't want to do my homework ep

  60. i h8 college

  61. yoooooo (a selected discography)

  62. dude just shut up

  63. i don't care but u know i'm lying

  64. drunk & on the floor

  65. any party's tonight

  66. let's pretend our feelings don't exist

  67. if you're reading this i am drakechel

  68. empty parking lots

  69. flowers r cool, love is dumb

  70. down comforter blues

  71. say it 2 my face b*tch

  72. i'm so sick bruh

  73. r u sad? bc i am

  74. thank you

  75. i have to go to work today ep

  76. therapy session

  77. attic


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